More About Me

Sales Associate

My family owned and operated a real estate agency in Sandwich during the 70's and 80's. This provided me a constant education in the business and I continued to hold that interest over the years. My parents wanted me to take over their office when they retired, but I had already started my career in Law Enforcement. After thirty-five years with the police department, I retired as a Lieutenant and went right back to real estate. 

Living on the Cape since childhood made me appreciate the unique beauty and feel of community. Cape Cod was a place where I wanted my own family to live. My children grew up playing on the floor of my parent's real estate office. Poppa had a gumball machine he always kept in his office for them and other visitors, young and old. In those days, agreements were sealed with my Dad's good word and a handshake. He has instilled that same sense of honor and commitment in me to carry on.

I am dedicated to my clients and strive to ensure their transactions, buying or selling, are a successful and enjoyable, passage in life.

My grandchildren now enjoy that old gumball machine.